Mission Statement

Our family-owned company offers the opportunity for all people in the UK to take life saving action by supplying them with world class Defibrillators (AED's) combined with our unique and dedicated training and education.

We are often asked "who is our audience?". We reply 'Anyone who has a Heart' Thanks Cilla

By providing the finest products that the world has to offer, and training provided by highly qualified professionals, we are working hard to improve the sudden cardiac arrest survival rate in the UK.

Our team are passionate about our business and strive to provide the best service possible. We are always positive, vigorous, responsive and timely. We like to think that we are our clients ‘Go To' reliable supplier for all things Defib and Training.

Our impact on society is the peace of mind that the appropriate equipment is available when and where it is needed to hopefully help save the life of a victim of Sudden Cardiac Arrest

The whole team and our partners are committed to achieving our goals and delivering excellence on every occasion.