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Semi-Automatic Defibrillator

£870   (£1,044.00 Inc. VAT)
The iPAD NFK200 defibrillator is an excellent choice for individuals and organizations seeking an easy-to-use, cost-effective, and reliable AED that can be effectively utilized by people with minimal training. Its inclusion of a prep kit makes it a comprehensive and valuable tool in emergency response efforts during cardiac arrests.

Batteries, pads & accessories for the iPAD NFK200 AED Semi-Automatic Defibrillator:



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The iPAD NFK200

This defibrillator is designed to be simple, affordable, and effective, providing fantastic value for users. It incorporates the latest defibrillation technology to assist in saving precious seconds during critical situations.

Dual Mode

The defibrillator allows for easy switching between Adult and Child modes with a simple button selection located on the top left and side of the device. By default, when turned on, the defibrillator operates in adult mode, and users can quickly switch to paediatric mode by pressing the child button, saving time and reducing anxiety in emergencies involving children.

Integrated Pad Storage

The device has integrated pad storage, where electrode pads are stored and pre-connected in a clear compartment on the front of the unit. These pads are easily accessible and can be quickly removed by pulling on the exposed tab. The expiry date of the pads is visible and easily checked, ensuring they are always ready for use.

CPR Assistance

The iPAD NFK200 provides rescuers with extra assistance during CPR with a built-in metronome and prompts, helping them deliver effective chest compressions.

Visual LED Status Indicator

The defibrillator features a visual LED status indicator that allows users to check consumable and unit status at a glance, keeping them informed about the readiness of the device.

Internal Memory

The device's internal memory can store the last 5 events or 3 hours of data, which can be copied to a USB for review and analysis.

'i' Button

The 'i' button on the device offers various functions, including selecting whether the CPR metronome is heard during CPR, checking for faults and errors, providing handover information to ambulance crews (usage time and shocks delivered), and allowing the NFK200 to be programmed with CPR protocols to ensure it stays up to date.

Contents of the package

- 1 x Lithium Manganese Oxide battery: A disposable battery expected to last up to five years in standby mode, with a warranty of four years.

- 1 x Set of electrode pads: One of the pads is pre-connected into the AED, and these pads can be used for both adults and children aged 1+.

- 1 x AED rescue kit: This kit includes patient wipes, nitrile gloves, a prep razor, a face shield, and tough cut scissors, providing essential items for use during rescue operations.


The iPAD NFK200 Semi-Automatic Defibrillator is a user-friendly, cost-effective, and reliable AED that is suitable for both trained professionals and individuals with minimal training. Its inclusion of essential features and accessories makes it a valuable tool in saving lives during cardiac emergencies.



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